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Title: Announcements
Post by: ss19 on March 09, 2013, 03:18:01 AM
As The Discussion Station grows with the help of our members, we'll be adding site features and opening up new areas of discussion over time, and will use this thread to announce any such new additions or changes to our site.

First off, is a new forum feature that has just been added: the Recent Posts feature.  At the bottom of the main forum page, you'll see a list of the 5 most recent posts that have been put in by our members.  If you click on the icon to the left of that list, you'll be taken to a Recent Posts list that shows the 100 most recent posts made, 10 on each page.  This feature should help us get a quick glance at where all the actions are around the site without having to peek in each individual platform or area.  (See the FAQ entry here ( for a tip on customizing that feature to make it even better.)

We have many more exciting new features and projects in our pipeline.  Please keep an eye on this thread for more announcements to come. :)

Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: aislinn on March 23, 2013, 11:17:45 PM
I'd like to announce the latest addition to the Discussion Station:

:stars:   Platform 4: Wordsmith's Whistlestop    :stars:   

Check out this new platform here ( It's a place for anyone interested in writing to gather. Whether you're published, a writer by hobby, or someone who's considering giving it a try for the first time, we hope you join in the discussions. We hope to see you at the Whistlestop!
Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: atschpe on June 02, 2013, 07:50:21 PM
*taps mic* another announcement:

:hedwig: :hedwig: :hedwig: :hedwig: :hedwig: :hedwig: :hedwig: :hedwig: :hedwig: :hedwig:

The Discussion Group will be returning to its roots.
On July 1st we will be revisiting Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone.

So dust off your copy and get ready to join in!

Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: atschpe on July 01, 2013, 09:07:25 AM
The Harry Potter Discussion group is now live!
Check it out (
Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: atschpe on September 22, 2013, 09:12:47 PM
Oh my look at the calendar! Can you believe it's almost been a year since Discussion Station opened its platform to plot travellers? I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as we have!

An anniversary wants to be celebrated. In our Platform Cafe ( both Cuppa and the Discussion Group are planning to start a new book and hold tight as you explore: the platforms will be moving around a bit, ready to for our next year of book ( and movie ( discussions … or would you prefer to hang out with the authors ( This year has also brought Harry ( back in our midst and not to forget the Off Topic Platform ( where the topic-trains will surprise you as to where they might head next.

So there are plenty of places and ways to celebrate. Join us on September 27th to start our second year.
Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: atschpe on February 15, 2014, 07:50:21 PM
To all the Potter fans and casual Harry Potter readers out there. We have just opened the Discussion Group for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban (http://""). Stop by for discussions on time turners and inflated ladies. Starting next Monday we will delve into the chapters.
Title: Re: Announcements (new emoticons)
Post by: ss19 on March 22, 2014, 10:53:08 PM
( I can't find a Crookshanks emoticon by the way ...)
(P.S. There is a Crookshanks emoticon after all  :o ... I couldn't find it before  :crookshanks:

Actually, we looked for a Crookshanks emoticon and added him after seeing your first comment.  I meant to let you know after adding :crookshanks:, but we were in the process of adding a bunch of other new emoticons (including the train that many of you have already discovered and used in your posts), so I waited to make the announcement.

We've made some other changes as well and swapped out the default emoticons that originally came with our forum software after getting feedback that they're too small and not very legible.

Also, as a reminder, or if anyone doesn't know, we have more emoticons than we can fit on the post reply page, so there are many more that are hidden.  If you click on the "more" link under the list of emoticons, you'll get a pop-up window that displays the additional ones.  Anyone is also welcome to make a request or suggestion if you don't see something on the list that you'd like to have.
Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: ss19 on August 28, 2014, 04:41:57 PM
Coming soon . . .

We will be taking a trip to Hogwarts on September 1st to start Goblet of Fire discussions in The Platform Café: Book Club Area.  Don't miss the train! 
Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: ss19 on September 01, 2014, 06:29:31 AM
As promised, the Goblet of Fire discussion group is now open and ready for you to join in!  Come have a look... (
Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: paint it Black on September 11, 2014, 03:52:49 PM
As promised, the Goblet of Fire discussion group is now open and ready for you to join in!  Come have a look... (
This is excellent!  :bravo: Goblet of Fire is always a great one for a re-read since it much richer than the film in many ways, so undoubtedly I come across things I had forgotten about.  :madeyecv:

Well one good reading group deserves another, so we've got a new Cuppa brewed up for you as well!  :thumbup: Please join us today as we begin exploring Jonathan Safran Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  It would be just scratching the surface to say that this is a 9/11 novel, though the story is centered on how 9 year-old Oskar copes with the loss of his father in the World Trade Center attacks.  If you've been looking for an interesting, well-written, multi-layered story for your next read, then this is your lucky day!  Please join us on the Platform Café ( and share your thoughts and ideas about this book and about 9/11/01 with us.  :console:

Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: paint it Black on August 15, 2015, 09:57:45 AM
Has your Cuppa run dry?  It's time for a fill-up, and we have just the thing to wet your whistle!  :harryronbb: Starting this Sunday, August 16, our Cuppa book club will begin discussing Harper Lee's oldest/newest novel, Go Set a Watchman.  If you've somehow missed all of the news about this recently-found novel that predates Lee's classic To Kill a Mockingbird, just trust us, this is a book that's begging to be discussed.  Once you've finished reading it (if you haven't already), come find us on The Platform Café!

Join us for a Cuppa!
Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: Evreka on October 20, 2015, 07:40:56 PM
A brand new and shiny board just popped up for anyone who has finished reading Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith a.k.a. Jo Rowling and wish to discuss it with others.

Title: Re: Announcements
Post by: atschpe on July 17, 2016, 02:29:46 PM
We have added a new forum in preparation for the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Step right this way ( to prepare for the new Potter (well Albus is also a Potter), as we discuss what we know going into the play, the new format, as well as what clues the title and artwork might offer. Once the play is out we will dive right in to the discussion. Any spoiler-threads will be clearly marked as such.