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Title: Welcome back to the World of Cormoran Strike!
Post by: Evreka on October 20, 2015, 07:59:55 PM
Got your copy of the book yet? Have you finished reading it? You're no longer afraid to be spoiled on it's contents? Perfect! Come in, grab a pint or a butterbeer (whichever is more to your liking)  :harryronbb: and share your thoughts on it!

Before we get started, just a few reminders.  First, all of the Rules of The Discussion Station apply in here.  Next, we're presuming that anyone who reads and posts here has finished reading Career of Evil, so there is no need to use spoiler bars to hide any plot details.  However, it would be kind to refrain from using spoilers when writing titles for your threads, and we do encourage you to consider adding topics of your own!  We'd love to read your ideas and thoughts whether there is yet a fitting thread on it - or not!   :hermioneread:   :grouptalk:

When did you get your book? Did you choose a physical copy of it or a format for Kindle or other E-reader?

Were you excited to get it?
Title: Re: Welcome back to the World of Cormoran Strike!
Post by: Evreka on October 25, 2015, 12:12:19 PM
I can't possibly be the first one to finish, can I?  :what:

I was looking forward to this book coming out and was even more pleasantly surprised when I was able to get it before the Europe premier thanks to getting it on Kindle, through US Amazon. I began reading the first two chapters on Wednesday night.

Intially, I found the book really engaging, with a lot of suspense and building danger right from the start. I liked getting to know Strike and even Robin a bit better.... and then... suddenly... I reflected on what I was reading in a different light... and nearly all suspense evaporated on the spot! 

:hmm: Eh... wait a minute... this "isn't Disney", we certainly know that this author can ruthlessly kill people off, but.... Are we meant to believe that Robin is in danger here? It felt like asking us to consider Hermione being at risk in POA (third book) or similar....  :shake: Sorry, I'm not buying that. If the danger had been directed towards almost anyone else: like Lucy, her children, Matthew, Anstis, .... you name them, I would have bought it. Robin? Not a chance!  :shake:

Still, it could have been interesting to follow their chase of the culprit - only that didn't feel like it was ever an option!  :o Granted, I've only read it once, but were there ANY hints that a reader could get?! It felt like everything was sprung at us? There's almost no light-hearted interaction between Cormoran and Robin at all, and ... my overall impression is that I was let down by the story...

What do the rest of you think?
Title: Re: Welcome back to the World of Cormoran Strike!
Post by: RiverSpirit on August 13, 2016, 11:28:12 PM
I have started the series all over again. I am amazed at, yet again, how much Jo has hidden in plain sight. So many little bits about Robin's life before her life and Cormoran's crashed into each other.  ;)

Little insights into Cormoran's need for funds and his mystery backer that I skimmed over the first time. I love the way that you can reread and travel a completely new road. I was not particularly impressed with The Silkworm the first time but now I love it!