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Author Topic: Gurusome, Comfy Couch and the six other guys – who we are and what we do  (Read 721 times)

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Once upon a time 6 little goddesses got an idea … and after much off-topic talk, silliness and insanity there are now 6 gurus spread across three corners of the earth, meeting in the dead of night to create the podcast called GalleryCast.

Our Topic? Harry Potter discussion, with a healthy helping of off-topicness, wit and creativity
Our Show? Every two weeks you can find an episode jam packed with filks, wrock, discussions and silliness
Our Speciality? Fair warning: do not eat or drink whilst listening. We have a specialist in conjuring up out-the-nosers and love to joke until we are all doubled over gasping for air.

Still clueless as to what we are all about? Why not just check us out on itunes and form your own picture ;D
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