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Author Topic: Surfing through the channels - what film would you stop to watch?  (Read 3588 times)

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August 10, 2013, 11:00:08 PM
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Yesterday I was in the mood for a light-hearted feel good kind of TV or movie to watch without much drama. As I was flicking through the channels, the thing that caught my attention and that I kept comming back to was a film that fit this description quite badly. It was A Little Bit of Heaven, which does have quite a lot of humour in it despite it's serious under tone. It was a really good drama that I would probably want to catch again.  :harry:
February 21, 2014, 08:18:00 AM
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Laura W

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Other films that have the same effect (there's quite a list so this is just a selection), even if it's only to catch the last ten minutes, are Dirty Dancing, One Fine Day (both have great music and storylines), any of the Harry Potter films, any version of A Christmas Carol which is one of my favourite Dickens books too, any Fred Astaire film, High Society, Singing in the Rain (again both have great music),

Yeah, for me it's also the musicals.  In my opinion, Fred Astaire movies have stupid story lines and ridiculous dialogue; but the music and lyrics are always divine, the dancing is superb and the outfits/costumes are always fabulous ... so I like rewatching those movies on tv too. 

I guess I have seen two musicals - stage plays from Broadway made into films - on tv a million times each.  Ok, maybe not a million, but a lot.
One is Fiddler on the Roof
The other is West Side Story.  I think the casting for WSS is terrible.  Everybody in it is supposed to be a teenager.  Oh sure!  What we've got is "teenagers" played by actors who are in their late twenties and early thirties: and they look their age! I have a real problem with that kind of casting (although I know not all viewers do).  Other than that, however, I am always mesmerised by this movie.  The wonderful score and the incredible dance numbers.  Besides, I have always been taken by this creative, very American interpretation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Leonard Bernstein is a genius!