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Author Topic: For your listening pleasure--some of the best from Gallery Cast  (Read 1021 times)

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The Superstars of Gallery Cast appear regularly in Discussion Station, but for all you Gallery Cast Groupies, here are some of their greatest hits--grab one to go!

Advada Kedavra: (Hilde, Katie, Rudi)
Be Our Guest: (Hilde, Jules, Miranda)
Cellblock Tango: (Chris, Erna, Hilde, Jamie, Jules, Katie, Miranda)
Class: (Hilde, Katie)
DE Song: (Hilde)
Dobby and Winky: (Hilde)
Hallelujah: (Katie)
Hair: (Katie)
I'm a Death Eater: (Hilde, Jules, Katie, Patrick)
Kreacher's Sexy Back: (Miranda)
Little Girls: (Jules)
News Glorious News: (Hilde)
Nurmenguard Prison Blues: (Patrick)
Right Side of Your Life: (Katie)
Toadthumping: (Hilde, Jules, Katie, Patrick)
Three Brothers: (Katie)
Whatever Voldy Wants: (Jamie)