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Author Topic: The Soundtrack to Being a Wallflower  (Read 911 times)

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From singing Pink Floyd songs on the school bus as a child, to feeling infinite in the back of Sam's pickup truck, music is a presence throughout Charlie's life.  How do you see Charlie's connection to his favorite music -- how does it influence (or enhance) his life?

Charlie seems to like a variety of music, but is mostly attracted to mellow classic rock.  Some of Sam's favorites are "Blackbird" (The Beatles) and "MLK" (U2).  Patrick likes The Village People and Blondie, and both he and Sam like Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit".  Mary Elizabeth likes Billie Holiday.  What does each character's favorite music tell you about them?

Charlie and his friends all like participating in showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Aside from getting to see Sam parade about in her underwear,  ::) what does Charlie get out of this experience?  Have you ever participated in a Rocky Horror showing?

Are you a fan of the music that Charlie likes?  Did you listen to any of it during the period that you were reading this book?  Do you have your own memorable songs that shaped your teen years?  Might teens have a different kind of connection to music than adults do?

Feel free to share any thoughts or ideas you have about the soundtrack to Charlie's life right here.  :)

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I think you forgot the most important song in the film that unites some of the main characters: Heroes by David Bowie. For me, the "tunnel song" really stood out. In the scene in the car, they all express themselves differently but at the same time similarly: they can all identify with the lyrics, they all want to feel invincible, even if it's just for a couple of minutes. The film is so much about attempts to escape reality in one way or another, and this song sums it all up (in my opinion).