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I've only seen up to Episode 5 so far this season; no one else in my family cares for Downton so I can't watch it when it airs and have to watch when no one else is around.  ::) I ended up missing most of last season as well, so last I remember was we were starting to suspect something about Edith, and the next thing I know she is obsessed with the neighbors' little girl.  So, another sad sad time for Edith, it seems.  When will this lady get a break?  Did they ever say what happened to the man she loved?  It implied that the Nazis (or, proto-Nazis?), beat him up and/or imprisoned him?  Or worse?

While I do feel for Edith, I mostly have to agree with Laura W about her situation.  She had her chance to keep the baby and start a new life.  If the housemaid from the earlier season could do it with no good prospects for a real life for herself and her child, then surely bright and well-educated Edith could have done so had she chosen to.  I too feel for the lady who has given Marigold (what a cute name!) a home.  She has the right protective instincts about Edith trying to take over her daughter's life.  Clearly she is a good mother and it's too bad that Edith is hurting too much to be thankful for this woman.

As to which characters/storylines I like ... well I used to like Mary when she was all conflicted about caring for Matthew.  Then she came to see that she truly cared for him and we were all happy when they got together.  Now Mary just seems kind of stuck-up and fickle.  She's not as likeable anymore.

I kind of like Matthew's mother.  She's a great foil for Maggie Smith's (fantastic) Countess.  She can be a bit righteous at times but she's not afraid to admit when she's wrong.  She's usually the one to support the "downstairs" clan and stand up for them if one of them has been wronged or treated with disrespect.

I also like Daisy and Mrs. Patmore.  Even though they're both fairly simple people, their characters each have some subtle layers to them that make them more realistic.  And I love their sweet mother/daughter-type relationship.  :hug:

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