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Submitting Material to The Quibbler
We are accepting news articles, for example conspiracy theories or sightings of unconfirmed creatures or phenomenons, letters to the editor, Dear Luna letters, Where’s Gilderoy-sightings, advertisements, some kinds of art work and reader-made cartoons, all of it within the wizarding world for possible inclusion in The Quibbler. (We do not publish fan fiction.)

All you need to do is email your submissions to: (Mind the Owlery address!)

Submission guidelines:
  • All submissions must be within the guidelines for PG13.
  • Only your own work will be accepted: please do not submit someone else's works.
  • By submitting something you give us permission to publish it online.
  • Include the name you wish to be credited under, if we publish it.

Bear in mind
  • By submitting an article you understand that it may be edited for spelling, grammar, Brit speak, readability, length or other concerns or any combination thereof. If the editing needed is more than minor we may return the article to you with an explanation of why we can’t use it in its current format and include suggestions on how you can rewrite it before you resubmit.
  • If we receive too many submissions for a given section we may choose to use yours in a later issue.
  • We cannot guarantee publication of any submission or, if we do use it, in what issue it will be used - we may save it for a future issue either because of work needed on it or because it will fit a future issue better than the forthcoming one. We will not publish everything that comes into our Owlery. We will, however, try to publish as many reader submissions as possible.
  • Stories and articles must plausibly fit within the facts, chronology, and nature of the Harry Potter books, rather than the events portrayed in the movies.
  • The Quibbler is printed in the here and now of today (right now in Autumn 2012). In particular this means that the Battle at Hogwarts took place more than 14 years ago but the Epilogue has not happened yet!
  • All submissions must be written from the point of view of the magical world (Squibs count) and assume that the readers are also in that world, rather than from fan to fan. In particular this means that Mr Harry Potter, Mrs Hermione Weasley, nee Granger, Mr Ronald Weasley and other characters are really wizards and witches who live their lives as indicated by Jo’s books and interviews - as opposed to what Dan Radcliffe and other actors and actresses are up to.
  • We don’t willingly contradict canon facts, unless a reason - which may well be warped - for believing otherwise is given. (Think Stubby Boardman.)
  • We do not want to get involved in real life politics, religion or other flame potentials. Nor do we make fun of any tragic news.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

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