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Welcome to The Discussion Station!  Please feel free to contact any of the Administrators or Moderators listed here if you need help with anything.  We are here to serve you and to help make the website a great place for everyone to gather for book, film, and other discussions.

Name: aislinn
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Writers Forum Coordinator, Off-Topic Forum

Name: Armoracia
Country/Location: Midwest USA
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Sitewide Butterfly
Interests: Yes. Lots. Pretty much you name it and I am interested in it, with the exception of fishing. Current obsessions include both fiction and non-fiction (with a special emphasis on SFF/mystery), the interwebs, games, knitting, music, and my English Springer Spaniel, not necessarily in that order.
Real Life Work: Part-time adjunct instructor at a local college; active job-hunter.

Name: atschpe
Country/Location: Germany
Staff Areas/Positions: Administrator, Discussion Groups Coordinator, GalleryCast
Interests: animals, culture, in depth discussions, music, reading, spirituality
Real Life Work: Flute Teacher, Meditation Instructor, Music Engraver

Name: Birthday Twins
Country/Location: USA
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Discussion Groups Coordinator, GalleryCast Coordinator
Interests: (Book/Film, Hobbies, …)reading, movies, laughing, in depth discussion, laughing, creativity, laughing, baking, sewing, scrapbooking, laughing, music, filking, laughing....... you get the idea. ;)
Real Life Work: Busy busy mom of 5.

Name: Dreamteam
Country/Location: UK
Staff Areas/Positions: Administrator, Book Forum Coordinator, Quibbler, Moderator Coordinator
Interests: Books, Harry Potter, Dr Who, gardening, cooking (and eating), listening to music, watching movies, my two cats
Real Life Work: Secretary

Name: easeup
Country/Location: U.S.A.
Staff Areas/Positions: Discussion Groups, Book Forum, Cuppa/Book Clubs
Interests: YA books, the classics, Doctor Who (10th Doctor is my fav), yoga
Real Life Work: dance and movement teacher/choreographer, mother of two teenagers

Name: Eleni
Staff Areas/Positions: Book Forum

Name: Evreka
Country/Location: Sweden
Staff Areas/Positions: Administrator, Quibbler Coordinator, Help Forum Coordinator, Tekkie, Harry Potter Forum, Off-Topic Forum
Interests: Harry Potter and Puzzles in equal measure, Reading most genres,
Real Life Work: With computers.

Name: ginginkat
Country/Location: Southwest USA
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Cuppa/Book Clubs Coordinator, Discussion Groups, Book Forum
Interests: camping, knitting, jigsaw puzzles, and reading, of course
Real Life Work: Administrative Assistant

Name: HealerOne
Country/Location: Southeast USA
Staff Areas/Positions: Discussion Groups, Book Forum, Cuppa/Book Clubs, Writers Forum, Newstand
Interests: Books, Books, Books! Writing and Games
Real Life Work: Retired Pediatric Physical Therapist

Name: JaneMarple9
Country/Location: England
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Discussion Groups, Harry Potter Forum Coordinator, Cuppa/Book Clubs
Interests: Harry Potter (obviously!) Agatha Christie (even more obviously!), embroidery, and audio books are my main interests. Love the Harry Potter films, even though the books are ten times better :)
Real Life Work: Full-time devoted daughter and Harry Potter fan

Name: Kickassnoodle
Country/Location: Middle of nowhere
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Sitewide Butterfly
Interests: Science, films and cinema history, writing/blogging, Doctor Who, reading, modern art, cooking, board games, to name but a few
Real Life Work: Scientist in training

Name: MysteryloverAnne
Staff Areas/Positions: Book Forum, Film and TV Forum

Name: paint it Black
Country/Location: USA
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Cuppa/Book Clubs Coordinator, Book Forum, Harry Potter Forum, Quibbler
Interests: Discovering all kinds of books, hiking, forests, listening to music, rollerblading
Real Life Work: What is this Real Life of which you speak?  ;)

Name: pleshette
Staff Areas/Positions: Book Forum, Sitewide Butterfly

Name: RiverSpirit
Country/Location: Australia
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Off-Topic Forum, Film and TV Forum Coordinator, Writers Forum
Interests: Work in Education, Mother of Three

Name: Rudius Hagrid
Country/Location: South Africa
Staff Areas/Positions: Administrator, Tekkie Coordinator, GalleryCast, Quibbler
Interests: Books, Computer software, Drama, Music
Real Life Work: Analyst Programmer

Name: SnapesSister
Staff Areas/Positions: Moderator, Quibbler, Film and TV Forum

Name: Songbird
Staff Areas/Positions: Quibbler

Name: ss19
Country/Location: U.S.A.
Staff Areas/Positions: Administrator, Help Forum, Tekkie
Interests: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, animals, photography, swimming
Real Life Work: IT, mother of three

Name: T-Dane
Staff Areas/Positions: Discussion Groups

Name: waggawaggawerewolf
Staff Areas/Positions: Sitewide Butterfly

Name: wordsaremagic
Staff Areas/Positions: Administrator, Quibbler Coordinator, Newstand Coordinator

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