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Author Topic: Literary Litter  (Read 2824 times)

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June 22, 2014, 09:39:24 PM
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It's extremely rare for me to give up on a book and I think this may be only about the third for me ever, but I just gave up on The Land of Green Ginger by Winifred Holtby (not to be confused with books of the same title by other authors) because I found the characters and plot (actually "plot" may be too strong a word) boring and unable to make me interested in what happened to them.  I read some glowing reviews about it but it just failed to engage me at all.  I'm happy to love, hate, admire or despise characters, that's what I want a writer to make me feel, but I really don't like those who make me feel nothing for them which is how I felt about Joanne and Teddy.  I also didn't like the way the narrative seemed to leap from one point in time to another so that it didn't seem to flow well.