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Chapter 19
The Last Stage

The dead are buried, peace is restored and it is time for Bilbo to return home accompanied by whom other than Gandalf himself? After a winter spent feasting in Beorn's Hall and a relaxing Spring at Rivendell, Bilbo  arrives just in time to witness the auctioning of his own possessions. He manages to regain most of them yet has to swap his Hobbit acquaintances for elves, dwarves and wizards dropping by.

pondery points:
  • Gandalf left the adventurers at Mirkwood to chase a necromancer out of a forest. Do you think this one of Tolkien's rewrites after finishing Lord of the rings? What does it add to the Hobbit story?
  • Bilbo is not a only a changed man – excuse me Hobbit – but the home he returns to is quite changed. How do these external circumstances reflect on the changed Bilbo?
  • What were your first impressions when you finished the book?
  • The title "the last stage" – is this just refering to the "stage" of a journey or is there a theatrical stage hidden here too?

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