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Chapter 18
The Return Journey

A cold Bilbo awakens and finds the area quiet with no goblins or for that matter anyone else around. He hears the voice of a man and realizes that he must take off the ring in order to be found. The man is happy to find Bilbo and carries him to Gandalf, who although delighted that he is alive, takes him to the dying Thorin. He begs Bilbo to forgive him the terrible things he said at the Gate. Bilbo accepts his apology and soon after Thorin dies. Bilbo weeps.

The story of what had happened in the time he was unconscious was revealed to Bilbo as preparations were made for him go home. The eagles became aware of the Goblins gathering to attack, so they entered the battle and attacked the Goblins. However the Dwarves were still outnumbered. The battle turned when Beorn showed up in his ferocious bear form. He not only rescued Thorin from the battle but killed the Goblin leader Bolg. The Goblins went on the run but many perished in the battle and the eagles went after those that ran.

Dian, the cousin of Thorin, is crowned King after Thorin is buried with the Arkenstone and his sword. Sadly Fili and Kili also perished in the battle. Dain gives the fourteenth share to the Bard and the Elvenking is given a collection of emeralds. Dain offers to Bilbo a great share of the treasure but he only takes two chests of it; one of gold and the other of silver. He bids farewell to all.

Bilbo rides with Gandalf and the Elvenking to the edge of the Mirkwood forest where Bilbo gives the Elvenking a pearl necklace to pay for all that he took while in the forest. Beorn accompanies Gandalf and Bilbo to his home where they stay the winter. The area becomes peaceful, due to the disappearance of the Wargs and Goblins. In the Spring, they leave and return over the Misty Mountains. He looks to see The Lonely Mountain in the distance. He pronounces “So comes the snow after the fire, and even dragons have their ending!” At this point he wants only to be in his armchair.

Here are some musings to think about:
    ~ What do you think Bilbo has learned about the ring during all his adventures?
    ~ Do you think it was necessary that Thorin die in this story?
    ~ What did you think of the way Dain divided the treasure?
    ~ Why did the eagles and Beorn join the battle against the Goblins?
    ~ What do you think is the significance of Bilbo's statement about the mountain snow and the dragon?