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Author Topic: Software updates and season's greetings  (Read 760 times)

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December 19, 2013, 09:02:32 PM

Rudius Hagrid

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Hi Folks; This is your friendly neighborgood Sp... uh.... Giant.

We have installed a rather large update to the forum software and gotten everyhting back on an even keel over the last day or two.  Please feel free to log any issues you find witht he forum so we can make sure your experience in the Discussion station is as fun and software related frustration free as possible.  (If youre frustrated because you cant guess the answer to the 20 Questions thread; unfortunately theres no software I can install to help with that problem)

Also; while i have your attention:  The staff would like to wish you all a wonderful festive season in which ever form you choose to celebrate.  Please be safe on the roads if you travel and we hope to have a lot of interesting new discussions together in the new year!

:hagrid: Welcome to the Discussion Station!! :hagrid: