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Is the love in the air preventing you from thinking straight or would you just love to prove that you have your wits about you even this weekend? If it's the latter, here's your chance! This little puzzle first appeared in the Valentine issue of The Quibbler in 2009. Let's see what you make of it!

Although it is set in the wizarding world, you do not need to be familiar with Harry Potter to solve it. Everything you need to know is given in the riddle.

 :heart: Logical Romance :heart:
Five male students at Hogwarts have made plans for a visit to Hogsmeade on Valentine’s Day. Each of them will meet up with their girlfriend at a different time and place and give them a unique gift of love.

The boys, their gifts, their sweethearts and their romantic locations are, in alphabetical order:
Boys: Carl, John, Mark, Warren, William.
Gifts: Chocolate, Love Song, Love Poem, Roses, Valentine Card.
Girls: Amelia, Belle, Carla, Eve, Georgia.
Meeting times: 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00
Places: Hog’s Head (pub), Honeydukes (sweet shop), Lonely Hillside, Madam Puddifoot's (tea salon), Three Broomsticks (pub).

1) The couple who shares chocolate will not meet up in either Honeydukes or the Three Broomsticks.

2) The couple who meets at 10:00 will go together to a lonely hillside where they will be alone with each other. They can not understand why Warren plans to bring his girl to a pub!

3) Carla is eager to meet her boyfriend early so they will be able to get a table at Madam Puddifoot’s. Several other couples meet after they do.

4) Eve, whose boyfriend gives her roses, meets him after Amelia and John (alphabetical order) have met their respective loved ones.

5) The Valentine Card is delivered in The Hog’s Head.

6) Mark spends most of the morning perfecting his gift to his beloved, so they are the last to meet. He is neither a poet, nor a card maker.

7) Warren is not the first to meet his girl, but they still meet earlier than those who meet in Honeydukes or even the guy who gives a Valentine Card.

8 ) Roses are given after chocolate, but it is not the last gift to be delivered.

9) William doesn't like meeting indoors, and he brings roses to his girl.

10) Carl, who does not write a Love Poem, is neither first nor last to meet his girlfriend.

11) Belle’s boyfriend has written a Love Song to her.

Correctly determine which boy and girl meet at what place at what time, and the gifts the respective girls get.

Please put your replies in spoiler tags (follow the link to find out how you do this), so that others can try it out later without being spoiled. I'll come back and correct them later.  :fredgeorge: If you get stuck and want help, post as far as you got, also in spoiler tags, and I'll try to give a hint or two.  :hermioneread:

Good luck!  :hearts:
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