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March 15, 2014, 10:39:57 PM


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Reading is something most of us take for granted. It is something that we learn at a very young age (some of us even teach ourselves!).

In The Book Thief, Liesel arrives at school unable to read and is ridiculed. Today, many children have real struggles with reading.

In my employment I have the great pleasure of helping students catch up. I am constantly watching students (and not just young ones) embracing the joy of a good book. Nothing like sharing a high five with a teenager who has just finished reading his first book ever! Love feeling proud when another asks if it would be ok to borrow a book from the library, or having a child be annoyed with me because I chose to stop reading just when it's getting exciting!

The children that I work with had no idea of the journey that a book can take you on. Books were boring and a waste of time. I love opening their eyes, and their imaginations, to the wonderful world of words. I see their confidence grow in other areas as well. It is so heartwarming.

I love witnessing "the joy of reading" for the first time. Has anyone else had similar experiences, either with learning or teaching others? We would love to hear your stories.

April 02, 2014, 09:29:24 PM
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I have a friend, an ex-colleague, who had learned in school that "books are boring", sadly it seems to be a familiar story.  It was our old friend, Harry Potter, who enticed her into the world of books because she wanted to know why I talked about it so much and why I was so excited when a new book was due out.  When she saw the first one in a local supermarket she bought it to see what all the fuss was about and that was it, she was hooked.  She then bought the other books available at the time and new ones as they were published, becoming just as excited by them as me.  Once she'd read all the HP books available she asked me to recommend some other books and I loaned her our set of Narnia books.  That was some years ago now and she's onto her second bookcase because she's found so many books that that she wants to read.  For me, reading is something that's just always been a part of my life, I don't even remember learning - my mother told me I was about three years old when I learned - but I can remember reading to the class in my first year at school when the teacher wanted time to prepare something for a lesson, I loved it.  I think that's why I find someone saying that "books are boring" to be a challenge and I have to find them some books they'll enjoy.