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Author Topic: Rules and Guidelines for the Recreation Center  (Read 896 times)

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Welcome to the Recreation Center where you can relax and play a game or two!  All the Discussion Station sitewide rules apply here, but we also have a few extra rules and guidelines that are specific to the game threads here.

1. Posts made in the Recreation Center do not count toward a member's post count.  This is because the game posts are not discussional posts and can artificially inflate a member's post count very quickly if we were to count these posts.

2. Members are welcome to start game threads, or, alternatively, can suggest a game here for a Moderator to start.  Any game threads started by a member are subject to modification by a Moderator as necessary to make sure the rules set forth for the game won't cause any problems in terms of moderation and game play.

3. Please don't turn any game thread into a chatting thread.  Short comments related to the round are OK, as are a quick 'hi' or a 'welcome' to newcomers or something similar.  Comments deemed excessive by the Moderators will be removed.

4. If anyone has any questions about the rules for a particular game, please send a private message to one of the Forum Moderators or post the question in the question thread so we don't interrupt the flow of the game in the game thread.

5. Please remember that we all make mistakes sometimes when answering game questions for our rounds, so don't sweat it when that happens.  It's OK to question someone's answer or point out a mistake that's been made, but please do so with kindness in the spirit of clearing up any confusion and getting everyone on the same page, not to complain, and any decision made by the person leading the round still stands regardless of mistakes made in the round.

Most importantly, have fun!

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