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Author Topic: Can't Take It Any More?  (Read 824 times)

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August 21, 2014, 05:04:27 PM

paint it Black

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Maybe you weren't really sure about that new film at the cinema, but you went along to see it to keep your significant other company.  :mollyarthur: Maybe it was something you'd been dying to see but it was not at all what you expected.  :yuck: We all have disappointments at the cinema sometimes, but has a film ever been so bad that you've actually walked out on it?  Just what was it about the film that made you abandon your cushy seat at the cinema -- was it too much violence, was the film simply so poor that you couldn't carry on with it, or was it something else?  Are there films that you wish that you had walked out on, but you either couldn't bear to waste your cinema-going dollar, or you had the blind optimism to believe that certainly it must get better at some point...?  Feel free to share your cinematic gripes with us right here.   8)  8)  8)

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August 21, 2014, 06:38:35 PM
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OMG - what a great topic, paint it black  :thumbup:

I have basically been waiting to heap the dirt on the one and only ( I AM being honest here  ;) film I have EVER walked out on: I am talking about Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky ...

BUT I just wish to say beforehand - I generally respect Aronofsky's work. I particularly admire The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke (DO check it out if you haven't seen it ...  :nod:) ... and The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream are both worth watching as well.

The problems I have with Black Swan are manifold. FIRST of all: The extremely unrealistic, cliched portrayal of the ballet world. Number1: Ballet dancers are athletes. They do have to watch what they eat, definately - it is generally a lot of protein mixed with complex carbohydrates for energy. BUT - a very, very low percentage of professional dancers are anorexics. The companies do have an interest in employing healthy, strong individuals who are able to keep up with the demanding exercise and performance regimes, both physically and mentally. FULL STOP. If you don't believe this statement, please watch this:

Number2: (And this is a little more subjective, but I have to mention it all the same): Natalie Portman - in my opinion - should go back to university ( she did get a degree from Harvard or Yale after all I believe !!) to do a postgraduate degree rather sooner than later ( so that PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! - she won't bother us watching her EVER again on the screen. Please Ms Portman: Screwing up your face a and trying so hard to squeeze  the odd salty tear DOES not make you an actress, but makes us rather worried you might have some problems with your digestive system ... just a thought.
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October 01, 2014, 11:56:30 PM
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I've only ever walked out on one film - I usually stay in the hope that there will be some improvement (I do the same thing with books, ever the optimist :) ) - and that was Syriana, starring George Clooney.  I admit that walking out on George Clooney is practically unforgiveable and it did get him an Oscar but I went to see it with my daughter and after about 30-45 minutes we both realised that we had no idea of the plot which was partly to do with it being subtitled and partly to do with being bored by not really knowing what was going on.  I've never liked subtitled films because I want to watch the screen action and get lost in the story, not keep having to miss the visuals to be able to read the subtitles, I find it really off-putting.  So, it may have been critically acclaimed but we were bored, confused and then left. 

October 02, 2014, 09:52:49 PM
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I don't know if this will count as I very rarely go to the cinema nowadays, I usually wait to get it on a DVD or Blue-Ray instead and then watch it at home. But there are one DVD that I've bought and started seeing and given up on, less than half-way through.

It's Complicated from 2009 with Meryl Streep. I thought Meryl Streep did such a good job in Mamma Mia! that I assumed I'd like this comedy that was supposed to be so funny.  :( It wasn't my cup of tea at all. I didn't find it funny - I thought it was incredibly silly, and down-right boring. And the further in I got, the sillier it became. I ended up stopping it and switched to see the documentary about how it was made; and not liking that part either. So I stopped it and have never looked back at it. In fact it was so boring I can't even remember the particular things about it that made me so disappointed.

There are a couple of more films that I've not seen straight through, but winded for long periods to see if they seemed to improve, coming up with a negative. For example Life is Beautiful is one such. I am sure it wasn't meant that way, but to me it seemed to ridicule the Concentration Camps during WWII :annoyed: and let a Jewish man get away with the most unimaginable stunts possible to keep his small child happy. It felt fake and stupid and though I checked whether it ever improved, most of it I didn't watch.
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