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Author Topic: Books' Big Birthdays  (Read 611 times)

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We have many books celebrating a "significant birthday" this year so, in celebration of our Second Birthday, let's look at some of them.  It's 25 years ago since John Grisham's first novel, A Time to Kill, was released - a harrowing story about the assault of a young child, her father's reaction when he takes the law into his own hands and the court case that follows.  It paved the way for a very successful career as an author of many legal thrillers and, more recently, a wider variety of stories including fiction and non-fiction.  Long may he continue  :)

Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year.  Fleming was already known for his James Bond books but in 1964 he wrote this story of a flying car for his son.  The story is based on a car that was built in 1920 by Count Zborowski on his estate near Canterbury, UK, who raced her in 1921 (winning the 100 mph race) and again in 1922. 

Another classic celebrating its 50th year is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl - a magical story of a chocolate factory owner opening up his factory after ten years of secrecy to allow five lucky winners of Golden Tickets to tour and see how all the goodies are made.  Have you even opened a large bar of chocolate and felt disappointed not to find a Golden Ticket? 

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen is a massive 200 years old this year.  It tells the story of Fanny Price, the daughter of poor parents who goes to live with her wealthy aunt and uncle - as always with Austen there is social commentary, wonderful characters and a love story with many twists and turns. 

These books have stood the test of time and all three have been made into movies, some more than once, have you read any of them?  Did you enjoy them?

What other books do you know of that are celebrating a "significant" birthday?