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Special Poll on Harry's Birthdays

Since this is DiscussionStation’s 2nd anniversary, we thought a poll about Harry’s Birthdays might be fun. Make sure to vote and then speak your mind about the seven Birthdays we are able to share with Harry in the Harry Potter Series.
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Is there a birthday that you would have liked to have celebrated with Harry?
I think I'd loved to spend most of his birthdays with him, assuming it could have made them a bit better for my favourite wizard.  :harry:

If I have to choose just one of them, I settle for the 12th. Reason: Of all the bad things the Dursleys throw at him, asking him to hide upstairs, make no sound and pretend to not exist on his birthday is one of the meanest things ever, I think!  :furious: And then Petunia makes it even worse by using him pretty much as a slave all day long in the garden, offering him some bread and cheese for dinner! :annoyed: I'd love to butt in there in the day, and either force the Dursleys to behave like humans or take Harry away for a nice day elsewhere for a change!  ;)

Overall, which of Harry’s Birthdays was the Best?
11th Birthday when his Hogwart’s letter arrives, I think. This is the start of his adventure, he gets proof he doesn't belong with the Dursleys, that he is going to leave them for Hogwarts, studying really cool things, and it is all a happy adventure.  :stars:

The15th isn't a good summer at all and 16th is sort of ruined by Lupin's sad news of Ollivander and Fortescue.  :( His 17th birthday when he is comming of age and should have had a spectacular party, he is instead forced to spend most of the day pretending to be somebody else(!), and then flee for his life as the Ministry falls! Even with Ginny's kiss thrown into the mix of it all, even Harry's had better birthdays!

And the rest aren't particularly happy either. But the 11th one brought delight to him, both right away and as a result of going off to Hogwarts.

Which birthday present would you have liked to send Harry?
Some cool magical device of some sort, I think. Some Quidditch supply or spy-glass or some such thing.

Who threw the best Birthday party for Harry?
The Weasleys of course! They tried to make it a good party given the restrictions they were under and Molly wasn't at all happy about Lupin spreading such bad news at that precise time.
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