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Author Topic: Welcome, welcome to another year at.... DS!  (Read 997 times)

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September 27, 2014, 12:26:21 PM


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DS turns TWO years old Today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear DS, Happy Birthday to you!

Come help us celebrate DS!  :train:

On 27 September 2012 two new things popped into the world, that many of us had been looking forward to for awhile: The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, and the Discussion Station! Whether you found DS right away or came by it later, today YOU are very much part of the Birthday Party! 

:flower: :yay: :stars:

Welcome, welcome to another year at.... DS!

Just come in, sit around in the comfy armchairs, borrowed for the event from Hogwarts Common Rooms  :fredgeorge:, try out the magnifying glass Sherlock donated earlier  :sherlock:, and spend some nice time chatting around with online friends. Share some beverage of your choice and bring cakes for us all to enjoy! Just look out for that weird blue telephone booth in the corner!  :tardis: It is bound to relocate you, for sure, but most likely not to the Ministry of Magic!

Let's celebrate the fact that we still have this small station where we can stay together, discuss together, celebrate together and share old and new literary, filmic and other adventures!  :hug:

While chatting around we'd love to hear about your experience of DS, if there are any threads or discussions that stand out in your memory? How did you find us? What is your favourite part of DS? Is there anything you'd love to see us have, but that is not yet here?

If you would make a cake for DS, how would you make it look? Give us an idea or two!  :cook:

You can also take a tour through our Platforms, there are a growing amount of handy links in here for that purpose.

Have a great time!

PS. Even (Swedish) Google help us celebrate, see the image here: Google's logo on 27 September 2014

ETA: Fixed a permanent link to Google's image and a few spelling mistakes.
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Thank you for the invitation and to all who created this lovely page  :hearts: