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1. Treat others with respect. This is our first rule because we feel it's the most important and will be strictly enforced.  Everyone has the right to their own opinion and also the right to criticise and disagree with others because that is the basis of any good discussion.  However, disagreement is not an excuse to be rude, abusive or insulting or to harass others on any grounds and will not be tolerated.  Offensive comments will be removed without notice and the offending member informed and warned.  Continuing to offend may result in restrictions to posting abilities or even banning although under certain circumstances immediate banning may be deemed necessary.   The Discussion Station staff reserve the right to remove or edit any post, avatar or signature that is felt to be inappropriate, offensive, libelous or illegal. 

2.  Privacy.  Do not post anything that contains telephone numbers, addresses or any private (not reported in the press) information about any other person, whether they are a member of this board or not.  When addressing other members in the forums please use their username, even if you know them by another name elsewhere.  If you are receiving unwanted messages from a member you are able to Block/Ignore them (see FAQs) or if you are made to feel uncomfortable in any way please feel free to contact a staff member, we're here to help.  If you are asked not to contact a member please respect their right to privacy and do not contact them or ask another person to contact them on your behalf. Also, no one on the forum needs to know your personal information unless you choose to give it to them.  If you wish to Report a post or PM you will find this icon in the bottom left corner of each one - posts will be reported to mods and admins and PMs will be reported to admins only. 

3.  Stay on topic. The primary focus of this forum is book, film and TV discussion. If you go off-topic in a thread or start a discussion that doesn't fit the topic of the forum, your post may be moved to an appropriate forum or removed altogether.  However, we have off-topic areas where you may talk about things that are not covered in other areas.  In Customer Services we have a New Ideas thread for site-wide ideas and also links to New Ideas threads in specific areas if you feel that's more appropriate.  If you're still not sure where to post please feel free to PM a member of staff, we're always happy to hear from members and we will do our best to make posting here a happy experience.

4. Promotion is not allowed.  Links are allowed in signatures, but any posts that include commercial advertising, plugs for your website/fanfic/fan art/message board/mailing list/survey, unless directly related to the subject matter of the topic, will be immediately deleted. Absolutely no attempts to sell products or services will be tolerated.  Do not use the forum to urge readers to convert to a belief or sign a petition, or to join other forums, boards, or chats. Do not use the PM system to tell people to visit your site, if we receive complaints it may lead to you being banned.  Do not link to any inappropriate sites, even in your signature/profile.

5. Don't spam.  Spam includes posts that do not contribute a new idea or perspective to a discussion, do not express the poster's opinion and are often made simply to increase the member's post count. If the moderators feel that it is the case, the posts will be removed. Persistence may result in suspension or banning.  If you want to add something to your post please use the Modify function to edit instead of making a new post, unless someone has posted since your last one in which case you're welcome to just post again. Back-to-back (consecutive) posts made by the same member within 24 hours will be merged.

6. Use of language.  Respect the other users here and show it in your posts. Refrain from using swear words, and from making posts comprised of Netspeak, Textspeak or ALL UPPERCASE.  These are considered to be rude, difficult to read or both.  Posts containing these will be edited or deleted. To the best of your ability, please use standard English grammar and punctuation.  Any material posted in a language other than English must include an English translation of that material (excluding foreign phrases commonly used in English).

7.  Images.  Images in any one post must add up to no more than 400 x 400 pixels.  No more than four images are allowed in any one post.  Images in posts, avatars and signatures must not be offensive or inappropriate or they will be removed.  Hotlinking of images is not allowed.  Hotlinking means that an image is linked to the site where you found it and will cost that site money whenever it is loaded which can be a problem, especially for smaller sites.  All images must therefore be hosted on one of the many free hosting sites such as Photobucket, Image Shack, this includes any images stored on any website you own because we are not able to verify whether you own the site or not.

8.  Read before posting.  Before starting a new thread please look at the forum to see whether the same discussion has already been started.  If we have multiple threads on the same topic it becomes very difficult to keep track of the conversation so we need to keep all discussion on each topic together.  If you start a thread about a topic which duplicates another, your thread will be merged with the earlier one.

9. Make the Subject fit the topic.  Make sure that the title in the Subject box fits the discussion so that people understand what it is about which will encourage replies.  If the moderators do not feel that your Subject is clear they may change it to something more descriptive.

10. Make new topics add to the discussion.  If your Topic Subject is "Have you seen the new movie?" that will get fewer on topic responses than one that says "Have you seen the new XYZ Movie?", even better would be "What did you think of the new XYZ Movie" because that encourages opinions rather than Yes/No spam.  If your topic does not add to the discussion it may be either edited or removed by moderators. 

11.  Talk to the staff.  The staff on The Discussion Station are ready and willing to help anyone who has a problem or query regarding the site.  So if there's anything you're not sure about or if something is bothering you we're very happy to hear from you.  If you need to complain about a PM you've received, please forward it to one of us.  Our staff are here to try to ensure a pleasant and happy experience for anyone visiting and this means that we do, from time to time, need to moderate a post or member.  If this happens to you we will tell you what has happened and why and provide help if needed. We will treat all members fairly and with discretion but moderator decisions are final and must be respected.

12 Role-Playing.  While there are many excellent sites for role-playing, our site's focus in on discussion (hence our name "The Discussion Station"). We don't allow role playing by members.

13. Final Word:  By posting on The Discussion Station you agree to indemnify and hold The Discussion Station and its staff, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of comments you post on the forum.  Our forum is here for entertainment purposes only and posts should not be regarded as expert opinion. We are not responsible for the posts of our members. We will aim to remove any posts, as soon as possible, that flame other members or break forum rules.
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