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So - I've been listening to "books on tape" in my car for many years. It all started when I had to commute daily for at least an hour each way. Currently, though, my commute is more like 15-20 minutes and I've switched to listening to podcasts via my iPod Nano (hooked into my stereo system in the car.)

I have been binging on Welcome to Nightvale which has been fantastic, but is only produced bi-monthly. It is seriously surreal and it sucked me right in. I've done the entire run of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me which is a weekly quiz show. I've also done the StoryCorps from NPR. For those of you that don't know it, that is a podcast that features people going into a recording-booth-type station and giving stories from their lives.

I do like to start things from the beginning, but am willing to flex on that if a podcast is really good but long-running!

Does anybody have any additional suggestions? What podcasts have you enjoyed and why?

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