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Author Topic: On the Passing Of Harper Lee  (Read 413 times)

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It's been a few days now (Feb 19th) since the passing of Harper Lee. I've had some time to reflect about this lady. She wrote what has to be one of the most beloved books in American history. To Kill a Mockingbird is often the very first 'adult-themed' book that many American school children are introduced to and it most always leaves a mark in their heart. Because the book was written from a child's point of view (Scout), it is naive in the ways of the closed off society that she and her family lived in. The book won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize. The notoriety of this, seemed to squelch  Miss Lee's ability to write anything beyond Mockingbird.

Fast forward to 2015, when to the amazement of all of the literary world, a 'lost' pre-Mockingbird manuscript was found and published as Go set a Watchman. The rest of Scout's story was told. Now Scout saw that same closed little society of her youth in a totally different way. Her naivety was stripped and she was able to see the foibles of this place she had called home. Perhaps this is why Harper Lee could not bear to send out into the world any other novels, because she knew the rest of the Scout's story.

I personally thank her for the totality of Scout's story. Whether you hate it or love it - it is Scout's story and it leaves a mark on our heart. Rest in peace Miss Lee, Rest in Peace.