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Author Topic: Potential Spoilers: Can The Cursed Child, be the start to a whole new world?  (Read 1574 times)

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August 08, 2016, 10:54:04 AM


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We have witnessed by reading the script book, or watching the play. That the series of events that occur in book 8. these occurrences make me believe that there will be another life to Harry Potter, I would love to see it.

I believe to my question "Can Harry Potter book : Be the start to a whole new world?" i believe that it is. because if you look at it. Harry potter send his son to Hogwarts, and through the way on getting to Hogwarts he meets, Scorpios Malfoy, Albus and Scorpios are good friends, now sorry for the spoiler. but lets be broad, the entire beginning and the entire book. is totally the opposite of what books 1-7 were.

Lets be quick, There will be a movie, and they cant end Harry Potter like that. so that brings into the fact there there will be a book 9. can wait for that. Book 8 was probably the start to the adventures that Albus and Scorpios have together.

Thank you for reading, please comment what you think in replying to this topic.
Thank You.

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First of all; welcome to discussion station  :hagrid:

I certainly hope you are correct and this is the first hint of a new series of books from Jo's wizarding world, and I certainly like the idea of stories that follow both the goings on inside and outside of Hogwarts.  (I would hope however that we get a more complete book for this part of the story) And we know Fantastic Beasts is due to come out soon too. 

All in all I am positive that there will be more Potter-y goodness to be had :)
:hagrid: Welcome to the Discussion Station!! :hagrid:
August 08, 2016, 01:02:11 PM
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Hello NIKEblows, great to not only have you pop in but jump right into the discussion.

Many things about the play do feel new. A change in style, main characters and dynamics are probably top of the list. At the same time we do not lose "old" characters (lol, it's as if I can hear Ron grumbling at me for calling him old) and magical devices, whilst important plot points are revisited and highlighted for their importance.

I wonder if this can kick off a new round of books, as this plot line seems to have found its resolution. Of course, there is the possibility of having separate Albus & Scorpius adventures, that do not have to interlink as closely as the Harry-ear books, but would Rowling take such a route? Many potter fans would definitely love to see it :)

As for a film, I have been thinking along those lines as well. Chances are there would be a long wait, as I am guessing the theatre/play might have certain rights or similar, to first have their share of the audience. Plus we have the Fantastic Beast films, which might not want the distraction of yet another potterverse film alongside.
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August 08, 2016, 10:45:29 PM
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  • I am young but i am a fan of Harry Potter

Thank you. i really appreciate the feedback from everybody.

August 09, 2016, 05:34:37 PM
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I agree that CC appears to be the end of Harry's adventures, but a new beginning for Albus and Scorpius. However I am not as sure that books will follow. Maybe books set in the WW and maybe some of these new characters will appear, but whether it will be about Albus and Scorpius - I'm not as sure. This I am sure of - if JKR decides to continue on stories of the WW - I will be right there as I know all HP fans will be too! We can only hope. Glimpses into this magical world are just too amazing to miss!
September 25, 2016, 08:55:43 PM
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On the face of it there is scope for more stories; some new heroes in Albus, Scorpius and perhaps Rose, and a new villain, who might or might not be behind any new threat. But part of the problem will be isolating the heroes from the adults. A lot of the start of first few scene of CC are spent isolating Albus and to a lesser extent Scorpius from the adults that might help them, but at the end of CC they are fixing the relationship (the same thing happens in the Harry Potter books, as Jo gradually kills off or otherwise puts out of reach the adults who might help Harry).
However, I think the key requirement for another book is for Jo to come up with an idea for a book on a par with the existing Harry Potter books that justifies another return to the Harry Potter world.