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Author Topic: SPOILERS - The Cursed Child - First Impressions (From EITHER book OR play)  (Read 587 times)

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If there is a thread for this already, by all means merge this with it, but a quick scan of topics and a few starting posts didn't reveal it. Maybe you put an Obscurus Charm on it? Or a Confundus one on me...?    :crabbegoyle:

I thought it might be fun to compare first impressions from different perspectives:

Seeing the play first OR reading the book first.
Do our perceptions of the story differ?

Giving you a chance to back out if you don't want any info on the impression the play makes (despite clicking this thread open... ) Please scroll for more text:

I saw the play on 13 August, both parts after each other on the same day. 

And I must say that the play was a most magical and fantastic show. Pure entertainment from start to finish, and surprisingly funny!  :thumbup: A whole day spent with my most favourite characters in a truly magical world, introducing new acquaintances as well as old ones...  :love:

Magic "realised" (!!!) on a stage! WOW!  Some of the effects were breathtaking, others were so well ingrained in this Potter fan's brain ( ::) ) that I didn't fully realise the beauty of seeing them take effect, a couple of meters in front of me, until the intervals or later because the magic was so "natural" in this context. They made an awesome  job out of making the magic appear with ease, as it should.

I think I understand what Jo meant with this being ideal for a play: The quickly shifting scenes - and times - probably makes more sense on stage than in a book. (I have only just started on the book, so I don't know yet. I do not mind "spoilers" from the book though.) I imagine the book being a bit "bare" as everything is dialogue driven (as opposed to feelings and thoughts) and also so streamlined to tell the story mostly from very few characters perspective. You get no feeling of how big the Weasley clan has got in this generation. So it's very different from the first seven books.

Also, while you are there, in the theatre, you are so immersed in the story you can fully appreciate it as it unfolds even if some things really annoyed me plot wise.  So it was a very strange feeling, on the one hand I thoroughly enjoyed the show, the acting, the actors and actresses performances, the magic, and everything about it - despite having serious grapples with certain things in the plot itself!  :madeye:

So the show as a show is fantastic - and like any other HP story regardless of medium (book/screen) I wish I could see it again! Only, that's not going to happen any time soon, if ever. And that's a little bit sad... But not nearly as sad as all HP fans who won't get to see it at all...  :console:

On the plot itself, however, I have several things that annoy me and some that even disturb me. But I guess there are other threads for that?

My favourite main character, however strange it might sound, was undoubtedly Scorpius Malfoy:o

What was YOUR first impressions?
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