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In case you haven't noticed a new trailer is out for Fantastic Beasts 2:

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And Rudius Hagrid(RH) and I(A) couldn't help ourselves … we dove in in true potter-fashion and had a discussion. Care to join us?

Here is what we said (this is taken directly from our chat, so excuse any fast typing, acronyms or typos)

A: did you see the trailer? (happy)
RH: oh. my. goodness. So we actually have to wait that long for the movie? ???
A: (giggle) “time flies fast when you’re having fun"
RH: And jude law looks like hes going to be a excellent dumbledore
A: (nod)and what’s with that torn up postcard reassembling? …  and Dumbledore telling Newt he has to take care of Grindelwald? :o
RH: Beause he cant face him directly? … yeah
A: because of their love, or because of something else? … looks like we’ll learn about why Newt got expelled (and we just talking about that)
RH: surely not, their love - after all by this point grindelwald has gone seriously to the dark side
A: that’s what I thought … Nice that they add a twist in before Dumbledore has to step in afterall (as we know he does – or at least think he does)
RH: does make it look like Dumbledore has a m.o. of using someone else as his cats paw
A: which sets up his relationship with Harry and Snape (or rather reinforces it in hindsight)
RH: and quietly figuring out the opponents weakness and taking him down in the end
A: will be interesting to see how Paris factors into this all … maybe in some reference to the great war and what is happening/happened there
RH: I'm wondering if Tina is short for Porpentia or if theres another love interest coming
A: could be … we know that JKR likes to play around with names hiding things in plain sight … and is that the DADA classroom where they talk to Dumbledore? if so did he teach DADA at some point?
RH: no he taught transfiguration
A: that’s what I thought – but it’s interesting that they use that set
RH: each teacher imprints his or her own style on their class room … looks like Dumbledore likes geometric puzzles
A: quite true … yet this classroom retains its still across many teachers
RH: didn't slughorn teach potions somewhere out of the dungeons
A: no, he requested an office outside the dungeons, but taught down there
RH: i wish my books weren't in storage … so the same classroom  hmmmm … well; I'm sure classrooms can move if the teachers so desire. There are plenty of empty ones and only so many subjects
A: seems only to be in the film that he requests a different office (Just checked the book) … quite true … but I find it interesting that they chose one that we will immediately recognise
RH: wait wait - Firenze taught on the ground floor, so it depends on the teacher where they teach. Slughorn probably decided that he wasn't going to bother to move the class as he wasn't staying long
A: or because all the potions gear is already there
RH: yeah itd be too much of a schlep
A: it seemed everyone expected the divination teacher to take over Trelawneys quarters
RH: he doesn't strike me as the kind that would want the fuss of moving things around
A: so that does give the impression that they have their set rooms for certain subjjects (if not all): Herbology – obviously greenhouses … Astronomy – obvious tower … so why not also for DADA, transfiguration, Charms, etc. Seeing a lot is practical tuition it would make sense that they have rooms that support what is being taught. When F&G set off the swamp, isn’t there a comment that it is near the Charms corridor or some such?
RH: I think unless there is a specific requirement in the classroom space it wouldn't matter …  that could simply be because Flitwick has taught for so long that classroom has always been the way to charms as far as the current students are concerned
A: could be … question is if their teachers offices adjoin their classrooms etc. … yep it could
RH: no it sounds like offices are in a different part of the castle
A: but then if a new teacher were to come in, it’d would be likely that (s)he were to continue in the same room(s) as they have been setup, they learnt there, they are free …
RH: yes, unless they didn't like the space for some reason
A: yup …  not sure … where was Snape’s office on the Marauder’s Map again (pyama party scene) – somewhere at the bottom of the map, which would allude to the dungeons
RH: mcgonnagall may not have appreciated students staring out of the windows in her class
A: Snape just bangs the shutter shut there :D
RH: i kind of get the impression its down stairs but the prefects toilet is on the 7th floor right?
A: dunno if there might be more than one. Chances are there is a prefect bathroom for the Gryff & Raven near the towers (upper floors) and one further down for Huff & Slyth
RH: and snape got up to the staircase where harry was trapped with the egg in gof quite quickly
A: well he’s a bat … what do you expect? :p
RH: cedric gav harry the password tot he one he uses
A: Ah true! Guess they don’t mind run stairs all the time
RH: good exercise
A: yup
RH: i bet Hogwarts students were fitter than other schools
A: no wonder they don’t have much sports lessons … definitely
RH: their sport was high speed stairclimbing …  nevermind quidditch
A: yup … and dodging Peeves
RH: high speed OBSTACLE stair climbing
A: yep, jump that step, dodge the chalk thrown at you … tickle the right doorknob … oh and not to forget being charged by a knight on a pony
RH: to be fair its a fat pony and the knight isn't a good rider. I wonder whats with the elder sign at the end; is it in the movie or something they made for the titles
A: which spurns the kids on to not be left behind … elder sign?
RH: the stone wand and cloak
A: you mean the smoke hinting at the three hallows sign? (at ca. 1.45)
RH: yeah
A: well we’re in the middle of the time where Dumbledore was interested in the hallows …it might allude to that. Maybe Newt even gets involved in some way
RH: it also made me think a little of the dark mark in the sky
A: didn’t Grindelwald carve that on the walls of Durmstrang too?
RH: yes
A: Krum said something that he used it as his symbol (felt similar to the dark mark)
RH: .... what wand did Dumbledore have in the trailer...?
A: do we see his wand at all? It would have to be pre-Grindelwald fight, so not yet the elderwand
RH: oh, oh, cast photo:

A: I recognise that wand
RH: look who has the elder wand
A: and nice german feel to the clothes
RH: that's the elder wand
A: yep … who’s hand is that next to it?
RH: the movie logo has the shapes of the hallows in it and they’re highlighted by being kinda scratched. Maybe newt has to look for the hallows
A: yes, it feels like he gets involved. Maybe that’s where Paris comes into play?
RH: and Dumbledore cant be seen to be actively looking for the hallows because... because at this point his friendship with grindelwald is still remembered
A: could work
RH: and the ministry doesn't entirely trust him
A: Hmmm … wasn’t Flamel French? Maybe we’ll be visiting him along the way … did they ever? :p
RH: maybe that's the guy next to newt that does that spell on the ground around a building it would seem
A: it looks like a graveyard with a church in the backgorund? We only know where one Peverell Brother is buried. This might be the gravesite of another
RH: may be … now i need to watch fantastic beasts a gain and see what wand undercover grindelwald was using. Maybe the race is to stop him getting the elder wand. That's the only one - i think - that didn't travel down family lines
A: hmmm … but that was from Gregorovitch … I thought he wasn’t in France but someone eastern Europe … yep, from murderer to duel winner etc.
RH: they may not have known that yet
A: well, they’d start at the last known place/owner of the wand, which could pinpoint Paris
RH: hmm the cloak travelled down the potter family
A: unless the wand is already in Grindelwalds hands, in which case they are hunting the (not knowing that the Gaunt family has it)
RH: the stone was.... in the gaunt familys posession
A: but nobody knew that … only when Dumbledore sees it does he recognise it
RH: yeah
A: so they could be following leads on that. Though that would make for an odd plotline, as it can’t lead anywhere, seeing that knowledge is uncovered many decades later
RH: Oh: Katherine Waterston as Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein; Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander. There is my answer
A: that’s at least one thing we could solve (giggle)
RH: maybe the plot is more about these two:  <image of cadence with woman>
A: I think it will follow several lines
RH:cant be too divergent
A: well there a few things to tie up in New York … and then move on to Paris
RH: Maybe its to do with Grindelwald needing a magical person to lose control and blow the secret wide open of magic being real. Which is why he was after Prudence in the first movie, and Maledictus who has some kind of curse
A: in New York?
RH: well if newt wasn't able to obliviate the whole city he, Grindelwald would have succeeded
A: to me it felt like he was after the force (what was it called again?) rather than what he might have caused (drat I don’t know names nor anything anymore … really have to rewatch)
RH: occulus?
A: the energetic form he releases that distroys all in its wake
RH: i think its called an occulus

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